Dismemberer – Tornado of Knives

In shamanic traditions, the practice of dismemberment involves journeying into non-ordinary reality and offering ourselves to the spirits to be dismembered as part of the healing process. Following dismemberment, the spirits remember the body and soul and may place various healing energy in the affected area.

Kanda Empat – The Four Brothers

Each painting is 4′ x 7′

In my second trip to Bali, I had a terrifying experience that led me to a priest for healing. He explained that my experience was an awakening of my Kanda Empat. In Balinese traditions, the Kanda Empat are four helping spirits (brothers for men and sisters for women) that are born with the person. They remain asleep and as the person progresses on their spiritual path, they awaken. They are representative of Amniotic Fluid (black), Blood (red), Fatty material covering the skin of a fetus (yellow), and Placenta (white).

I Am Dead

Charcoal on Paper 9′ x 9′