In 2001, I received a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation to create artwork for the Maze at Burning Man. The theme that year was the Seven Ages, representing the seven stages of life and took the form of a board game on the playa. The Maze of Reflection represented the stage before death where one reflects on one’s life.

Mural Installed

The 300′ long mural was in the form of a board game, taking one through the stages of life.

In Out Room

The In Out Room was a reflective room with hand mirrors hanging from the ceiling. Each mirror had a saying painted on it. Examples of the sayings are, “What are you?” and “Look until you see joy?”.

Black Room

The Black Room had a chair with a single bulb. The chair faced a panel with a black circle and a small mirror in the center. Sitting in the chair you could reflect on yourself.

Center Courtyard

The Center Courtyard had a central sculpture that was lit at night.

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